Trainings and Workshops

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We believe trainings and popular education are an important part of bringing about fundamental change. We focus on working with other white people and in majority white organizations. This is a response to generations of encouragement from activists of color for white people to take on this responsibility with each other, and to take collection action against racism in coordination with leadership from working-class, grassroots-led communities of color.

Our trainings emphasize the institutional nature of racism in the US and its function as a system of “divide-and-control” and ways that anti-racism is a catalyst to overcome those divisions and build powerful, effective organizations and movements.

Workshops we offer include: 

  • White supremacy and anti-racism from beginner to advanced
  • Anti-racist organizational consulting and strategic planning
  • Resisting state repression
  • Migrant Justice for non-immigrants
  • Skills-based training such as facilitation, grassroots fundraising, non-violent direct action, media, and campaign organizing
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Trainings range from a half day, one day, one week, to multi-year organizational partnerships. Our trainings are designed for people who want support building their anti-racist/racial justice skills and analysis.

We tailor our trainings to your group’s needs and offer a range of topics we can build into your training. We lead participatory trainings, give presentations, and organize educational panels. More information on each of these is below and please do contact us at info (at) collectiveliberation (dot) org for additional inquiries. Here is a partial list of who we’ve worked with and you can download our brochure here.

Our goals for political education are:

  • help build effective multi-racial alliances in social justice movements
  • support and multiply anti-racist leadership in majority white organizations, communities of faith and institutions
  • build the skills, commitment, and practice of white people to take action against racism
  • ground the historical context of white supremacy in this country, as well as take inspiration from histories of grassroots resistance
  • highlight the understanding of racism’s relationship to class, gender, ability, and other forms of oppression.

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We give talks, keynotes, and presentations at campuses (from high school through graduate programs), conferences, community and faith groups. Our presentations are grounded in historical perspective as well as lessons from current social movements, and give a global context to looking at racism in the U.S.

We present on challenging white supremacy, anti-racist politics and practice, and different aspects of multiracial social justice movements.

Contact to discuss setting up a presentation.

Grassroots social justice movements are a location of inspiring experiments and evolution of strategy and vision for fundamental social change. We use panels to draw out and share hard-won lessons from the practice of putting anti-racist organizing theory into action. Organizers working on the ground, especially in communities at the frontlines of racial and economic justice struggles, can provide critical guidance to our theory and practice.

Catalyst organizes panels for local and national conferences and events. We bring together experienced activists and organizers from a range of organizations and types of work, across generations and different progressive anti-racist perspectives. We draw upon relationships and alliances we’ve built through organizing and coalition work to bring together panelists who represent some of the most visionary and powerful grassroots organizing in the country.

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Further work with your organization
We provide organizational consulting, technical assistance and strategic planning for organizations in a process of anti-racist transformation.

Email for more information on our consulting work.

For more intensive training in anti-racist organizing skills for white activists, check out our Anne Braden Program.