Anti-Racism for Collective Liberation
• Development of racism in the U.S.
• Institutional racism: impacts and resistance
• White supremacy and other systems of oppression
• White privilege in social justice movements
• Anti-racist organizing principles 101

Anti-Racist Organizing Strategies
• Anti-racist organizing principles 201
• Leadership development and alliance building
• Countering racism in our organizations, campaigns, programs

Decolonize This! Movements Against Empire at Home and Abroad
• Introduction to U.S. imperialism
• Introduction to local and global liberation movements
• The Power of Internationalism: From anti-racism to anti-imperialism

Nonviolent Direct Action and Collective Liberation
• Revolutionary nonviolence as a social change framework
• Introduction to history, strategy and tactics
• Anti-racism and direct action organizing
• Longer trainings include sections on strategic planning and detailed tactical trainings

Grassroots Fundraising as Organizing
• Aligning our politics with our funding
• How and why to make your work accountable to your community
• Fundraising for anti-capitalists

Building Collective Leadership
• Moving from “leaderless” to “leaderful” movements
• Exploring leadership and empowerment
• Developing leadership to build lasting organizations

Organizational consulting and strategic planning
• We provide organizational consulting and strategic planning for organizations.

Panels for Conferences and Gatherings
• We develop, coordinate and moderate panels on a range of topics related to grassroots multiracial movement building for social justice

Additional training components: technical skills for grassroots organizing (including campaign planning, organizational development, alliance and coalition building), technical skills for nonviolent direct action organizing (including action planning, communications, scouting, blockades), anti-racist organizing by and within white working-class communities, immigrant justice organizing for white documented activists, organizing within the U.S. to support international grassroots social justice movements