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Catalyzing Liberation Toolkit

This resource guide, compiled by Catalyst Project and Chris Crass, includes recommended readings, interviews, curriculum, and exercises to support. It is a tool to help build up the movement of the 99%, deepen its anti-racist analysis, and support respectful and transformative multiracial alliances and collaborative organizing efforts.  Download it here.

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Additional Resources (PDFs)

Love, Race, & Liberation: ‘Til The White Day is Done  Edited by JLove Calderon and Marcella Runell Hall

Bombs and Budgets: Tools for Reclaiming Communities from Militarism  By South Asia Solidarity Initiative and War Resisters League

Occupation: Liberation—Building Sustainable Resistance Movements   By Matt Meyer of Resistance N’ Brooklyn

Resources for Small Town Occupations Developed by Rural Organizing Project

Additional Resources (website links)

buildthewheel.org Occupy curriculum