Issue Based Curricula

In addition to offering trainings and workshops, Catalyst develops and shares issue-based curricula. You can find them listed below.


Immigrant Justice Curriculum

Catalyst co-created this Immigrant Justice Curriculum to support non-immigrants, and especially white people, to be more effective and accountable in their migrant justice work, and to have a deeper understanding of how white supremacy impacts immigration historically and today.

Challenging White and Male Supremacy Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to organize white men to challenge white supremacy, patriarchy and the other systems of oppression and violence that threaten our communities and those we love.

Studying State Repression and Resistance Curriculum

This is a curriculum inspired by Catalyst’s pamphlet, A Troublemakers’ Guide: Principles for Racial Justice Activists In the Face of State Repression. The pamphlet can be found here.

Solidarity with Movement for Black Lives Curriculum

An agenda developed by Catalyst that takes a deep dive into the Movement for Black Lives Policy Platform, with the goal of moving people towards taking concrete action in support of the demands.