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Immigrant Justice Now! Curriculum

We created this curriculum to support non-immigrants to take strategic, effective, and accountable collective action in solidarity with immigrant communities toward the end of deportations, detentions, and discrimination.

Indigenous Justice for Environmental Movements

We built this toolkit to support non-Indigenous sections of climate and environmental movements to align our work with Indigenous organizing and with Indigenous sovereignty.

Principles for Racial Justice Activists in the Face of State Repression

We created this document to contribute to important conversations about how and why the state uses violence and coercion to suppress social movements—and how to resist it in ways that are aligned with our racial justice values.

Anne Braden Program 2018 Readings and Homeworks

Here you can find the readings and homework that we assigned for the 2018 Anne Braden Program, a four month-long anti-racist training program for white social justice activists.

Issue Based Curricula

Catalyst has created and co-created various issue based curricula, including:

  • Immigrant Justice Curriculum
  • Challenging White and Male Supremacy Curriculum
  • Studying State Repression Curriculum
  • Solidarity with Movement for Black Lives Curriculum

Resources for responding to white nationalist rallies after Charlottesville

Here you can find a list of resources on understanding the historical and systemic context of white nationalism, antifa, what actions you can take, articles on anti-semitism in white nationalism, and current white nationalist movements.

In the Time of Ferguson

This tab includes resources for understanding the Ferguson movement moment as well as organizing tools for white people in response to this.

Educational Events

Catalyst hosts a number of educations events. Here you will find videos of various panels we’ve held over the years.

Other Organizations’ Trainings

Here you can find other organizations that Catalyst works closely with who also host organizer trainings.

Analysis and Strategy

Here is a list of other organizations who we work closely with to develop out analysis and strategy.

Catalyst Project Workshop Readers

This page contains various readers from workshops and trainings Catalyst has done, including readers about Black Liberation, Anti-racism for Global Justice, and the 2015 Anne Braden Program Reader.

Occupy Resource Center

This resource guide, compiled by Catalyst Project and Chris Crass, includes recommended readings, interviews, curriculum, and exercises. It is a tool to help build up the movement of the 99%, deepen its anti-racist analysis, and support transformative multiracial alliances and collaborative organizing efforts.