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In The Time of Trump, Build Power in Targeted Communities

February 3, 2017


Dear friends, family, and comrades,

We at Catalyst are reeling from the last couple weeks, like many of you. As the new regime moves quickly in its attacks on so many of our communities, at home and abroad, we

Join Us To Disrupt Trump’s Inauguration and #GrowTheResistance

January 20, 2017


Dear Friends,

Catalyst Project is in DC and San Francisco today taking action to amplify and support frontline leadership fighting to #GrowTheResistance. Will you join us?

Please share these requests with your friends, family, and networks!

Everyone at …

This is the time to deepen our work. Help us do that.

December 31, 2016

Dear Friends,
As 2016 comes to a close, we fortify ourselves for the struggles ahead. Daily we are seeing new appointees and legislative proposals that feel unimaginable. And we are also seeing a building wave of response, as many people …