Protect Our Movements – Resist State Repression

As we witness increasing state repression against people and organizations rising up to #DefundThePolice and #DefendBlackLives, we call on white anti-racist organizers and activists to take action to resist state repression. Register now for our July 9th training, Security is Solidarity: Resisting State Repression.

We are living through times of intense crisis and unprecedented massive resistance. The global pandemic, the ensuing economic crisis and the threat of environmental catastrophe lay bare the nature of a rotting system. In the face of this, people are taking bold action to struggle for a life-affirming future. The fight to defend Black lives and defund policing has sparked action in every corner of the country and around the world. The demands by Indigenous people for decolonization and the protection of the earth offer a path to a sustainable world. Our sense of what is possible is shifting dramatically as people put their bodies on the line to demand nothing less than transformative change.
And history teaches us that the state and organized white supremacists will respond violently to our demands, just as they did in response to the movements led by Black, Indigenous and people of color in the 60s, to the rebellions in Ferguson and Baltimore, to Standing Rock. We can learn from this history and prepare to face the repression that is already here and that we know will ramp up as we continue to challenge racist policing.

The state will use every tactic available to try to destroy our movements. We can expect more FBI visits, grand juries, arrests, political trials and imprisonment. We know they will intensify surveillance and infiltration. We can expect the state to try to exacerbate conflict and distrust between individuals and organizations. State repression is filtered through systemic racism, so organizers and communities of color will bear the brunt of increased attacks. That said, historically white people and organizations have often been the weakest links, with the least developed practices around security. It is our responsibility to protect our movements by strengthening our practices.

One of the strongest ways for us to protect our movements is by developing a strong culture of resistance to state repression based on solidarity and connection. We created  A Troublemakers’ Guide: Principles for Racial Justice Activists in the Face of State Repression to contribute to building that culture so that we can withstand attacks by the state, continue to make the most of this political moment, stay strong, resilient, and focused with our eyes on the world we are hungry for. The lessons in A Troublemakers’ Guide are ones we’ve learned over years from mentors, current and past movements led by people of color, and our own organizing experience. We encourage you to read, study and share it. And join us for our training, Security is Solidarity: Resisting State Repression, on Thursday July 9th at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Register here.