Move Money for Racial Justice – Training 6/13

Black text on red background: Grassroots Fundraising - Move Money for Racial Justice - Saturday, June 3th, 10AM-12PM PT Logos for UndocufundSF and Catalyst Project

We’re hosting another online Grassroots Fundraising Training! Join us this Saturday, June 13th from 10AM-12PM PST to learn how to move money for racial justice. We will give you concrete tools for fundraising, go over the components of a solid ask, have space to talk about the feelings that come up when talking about money, and more. Grassroots fundraising is a critical tool for white anti-racists, as we can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from our communities, while also having important conversations with other white people about why these campaigns are so needed. Whether you’re raising money for bail funds, Black-led organizing to #DefundThePolice, BIPOC-led mutual aid efforts for communities hardest hit by the pandemic or another crucial need, this training is for you!

This training is in support of UndocuFund SF‘s work to provide direct assistance to undocumented workers and families impacted by COVID-19. This is a great way to get plugged into fundraising for UndocufundSF, but you do not need to be involved in their fundraising to take part in the training! This is a multiracial training space with a multiracial training team.

We are excited about participants developing fundraising skills for the crucial needs of this time. Please forward this email and share on facebook and instagram with your networks and the people in your lives who are looking to take action in support of BIPOC-led movements for collective liberation. Join us to get tips and tools, be inspired, connect with others, and learn how to move money for racial justice!