Program Quotes

Quotes by Anne Braden Program participants and Volunteer Site Supervisors

The Braden Program has helped me build my commitment to a politics rooted in hope and love. Most useful has been the mentorship, a culture of support, a mixture of theory development, personal exploration, and practical work based in real-world organizing. – Justin Stein, Braden Participant ‘09  (St Louis, Missouri)

I came to the Braden Program as part of Groundwork, a grassroots white anti-racist collective in Wisconsin.  Participating in the program not only built my own confidence as an organizer, but expanded Groundwork’s ability to do multi-racial movement building in Madison and throughout Wisconsin. Connecting with Catalyst, organizations in the Bay Area and activists from around the country has tightened the threads that pull us together in our work for justice. – Z! Haukeness, Braden Participant ‘09  (Madison, Wisconsin)

Catalyst helped me place what I already know about the history of Indigenous people in this world into the larger framework of how people have used racism as a tool for domination. I have felt supported to take my knowledge deeper and continue in my efforts to strengthen bridges between white anti-racist allies and Indigenous resistance movements. -Aislyn Colgan, Braden Participant ‘09  (San Francisco Bay Area)

The Braden program taught me how to ask for support, how to envision projects and name concrete goals and how to build a positive organizational culture. Because of concrete skills I learned, I’m now able to work on major projects like rebuilding my local chapter of a Jewish organization working for Palestine Liberation and coordinating a successful fundraising Seder for 150 people.  – Toby Kramer, Braden Participant ‘09  (San Francisco Bay Area)

Catalyst concretely shifted my view about organizing. I no longer run from people or organizations that I feel perpetuate racism – instead I am turning towards them and figuring out how to shift them towards justice. I am working to do this in my local neighborhood association in Florida that has been vehemently anti-immigrant and anti-poor. -Lynne Purvis, Braden Participant ‘09  (Lake Worth, Florida)

“For the Women of Color Resource Center, it’s been a valuable experience to receive such solidarity and strong ally support from Anne Braden program participants. This kind of work gives us what we need to build effective bridges across lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, and generation, leading to stronger alliances.  It’s ever-evolving work, and we’re all in it together.”  Maryam Roberts, Volunteer Placement Site Supervisor ’08  (Women of Color Resource Center)