Organizing to Win: Building Anti Racism in White Poor and Working Class Communities

Catalyst Project and Highlander Center hosted a convening of organizations that are building anti racist power in poor and working class white communities – April 20th to 23rd, 2017

The convening was located at the historic Highlander Center in New Market, Tennessee.

Here’s a map of the organizations that came to the convening, scroll over the markers to learn about each one, and get involved in supporting their work if they’re near you or you’re especially interested in what they do!

40 organizers from across region, culture, geography, issue strategized together on:

  • Discussed what’s needed during this moment of accelerated white supremacy
  • Strengthened collective capacity to out-organize the Right
  • Shared organizing skills and lessons across geographies and sectors
  • Shared and build strategies about how the white working class can shift to see themselves as part of a broader, multi-racial working class
  • Built relationships between more poor and working class white organizers within anti-racist struggle

Catalyst Project and Highlander Center worked in collaboration with Alliance for Appalachia, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Rural Organizing Project, Vermont Worker’s Center, Southern Maine Worker’s Center, and Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Participants of the convening are by invite only.

For more information about the convening, you can email