Webinar on Immigrant Justice Curricula

Protesters block the street outside of the San Francisco ICE office. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Dear Catalyst community,

Right now undocumented people and other migrants are taking huge risks and offering courageous leadership to end deportations and detentions, and abolish ICE.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 30th, there are more than 700 marches planned demanding that Families Belong Together (click here to find one near you).  On Monday July 2nd, thousands of people are headed to San Diego to demand an end to the mass criminalization of migrants and to #AbolishICE and #ShutDownSessions.

This an incredible opportunity to move white people and non-immigrants from disbelief into action, and from action into life-long commitment to liberation struggle.

On Monday July 9, we will be hosting a webinar on our Imigrant Justice Curriculum. It’s specifically designed for people who are organizing majority white and/or non-immigrant groups to support migrant justice.Please note that this webinar is intended for people who want to facilitate this curriculum with a group of people, not for people who are learning about migrant justice for the first time. A workshop on this curricula is a great resource for people who are new to migrant justice!

RSVP for the webinar here to get the call details. It will be Monday July 9th, 5pm PT/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET. Please read the immigrant justice curricula over before joining the call, you will get more out of it that way! You can access the curricula here.

Just this week thousands of people across the country have stepped into bold and inspiring actions to protest the horrors we are seeing at the hands of this administration and ICE. Hundreds protested in Tornillo Texas against ICE demanding the End Of All Cages. A coalition has occupied the ICE facility in South West Portland. They put out a nationwide call for other cities to follow suit and are staying strong in the face of police repression. Inspired by Portland, dozens of activists in New York camped out outside of a detention center protesting the placement of children in New York City and emphasizing that ending family separation is not the end of the problem.  In Washington D.C.hundreds of women occupied the U.S. Senate building and over 600 protestors were arrested. There have been similar actions In DetroitPittsburgh, and in many other cities and towns.

We co-created this curriculum with Leah Jo Carnine for moments just like this, to support non-immigrants to take strategic, effective and accountable collective action in solidarity with immigrant communities to end deportations, detentions, and discrimination. We hope you’ll use it as part of a larger strategy to help people both reflect and step into action.

Enraged, heartbroken, and inspired,
Dylan Cooke
On behalf of Catalyst Project

PS. Sign up for the Webinar on our Immigrant Justice Curriculum for Monday June 9th, and find the Immigrant Justice Curriculum here.