This is the time to deepen our work. Help us do that.

Dear Friends,
As 2016 comes to a close, we fortify ourselves for the struggles ahead. Daily we are seeing new appointees and legislative proposals that feel unimaginable. And we are also seeing a building wave of response, as many people are rising up and taking action, from the tens of thousands of students who have walked-out to the hundreds of new sanctuary places being created.

We stand alongside the many people who pledge to resist everything this new administration calls for, from those who are fighting for sanctuary for undocumented people, to communities of color standing up to state violence, to women and LGBT folks who refuse to let the right wing turn back the clock to the 1950s.

Now more than ever we need to deepen our resolve, build stronger coalitions, and out-organize the right. We can do that. But we need everyone. We need to drastically increase our capacity to do the work we do well.

This is the time to deepen our work. Help us do that.

Your gift will enable us to:

  1. Complete the final phase of the Philly Anne Braden Program,

  2. Organize a national convening of 40 leaders from majority poor and working class white communities to build anti-racist strategies.

  3. Continue to support Standing Rock and other Indigenous sovereignty struggles that are building momentum as we speak.

  4. Continue our work in Appalachia and Mississippi working against racism and for economic justice… and so much more!

In this period of accelerating white supremacy, we go into 2017 with resolve, and hope, and our vision of collective liberation. Your donation will help make this vision possible.

From all of us at Catalyst,
Donna Willmott