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2015 Anne Braden Program Application

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Personal Information

Please answer these questions as you are comfortable--- we want the program to reflect a range of identities and experiences, so this information helps us get a sense of who you are.

Race / ethnicity


Economic class background



Languages spoken/preferred

Other important things about your identities and/or life situation?

Please describe any ASL interpretation, childcare, visual or auditory aids, wheelchair accessibility, or other access needs to participate in the workshop.

Tell us about yourself

These next questions help us know where you’re coming from. Please write about a paragraph for each question. This isn’t a test, but will help us get to know you, so don


Please describe in some detail (several paragraphs is fine) your grassroots social justice activism experience during the last few years.


What motivates you to do the political work you do?

Who/what is an antiracist role model/organization/movement for you and why?


Why do you want to participate in the Braden Program?

What will you bring to the program? (Skills, strengths, experiences, etc).

Where do you see yourself applying the lessons and experience of the Braden Program?

Expectations of Participants (in terms of time and money)

Will you be able to make a commitment of an average of 15 hours a week in Braden Program related work for the full course of the program (including the workshop sessions, readings, volunteer placement, grassroots fundraising, meeting with mentor)? (required)


All participants will be expected to attend all of the 4-hour workshop sessions, held Sunday afternoons/evenings and several Saturdays from February 2015 through May 2015, and only miss a maximum of two sessions. Will you have any conflicts with Sunday and Saturday sessions during these months? (required)


If yes, please give dates

Participants are assigned a volunteer placement with a racial & economic justice organization. Placements range from 6-8 hrs/wk. You will be responsible for transportation. (Note: We have found that participants who can spend at least 6 hours in their volunteer placement have a much more meaningful and useful experience, as does the host organization. Additionally, some participants have taken on between 10-20 hours a week to get more experience). Will you be able to do a 6 hour per week or more volunteer placement? (required)


All participants will be expected to do an average of 30 pages of 
weekly reading and complete other projects for the program. Will you 
 be able to do this? (required)


If No, what will you need to be able to access the readings?

All participants will have the opportunity to develop grassroots 
fundraising skills as part of the Grassroots Fundraising Component, 
and will be asked to help raise money to cover to cost of the Braden 
Program. The grassroots fundraising component of the Braden Program 
was a great experience for many participants, most of whom 
had never done fundraising before. Are you willing to participate in 
grassroots fundraising for the Braden Program? (required)


We have a strong commitment to making this program accessible to people regardless of ability to pay. Simultaneously, (although much of the labor is volunteer) we need to cover a lot of costs in order to run this program. Each participants’ share of expenses is $700-$2,000, sliding scale. These fees help raise part of the budget of the program, (trainings, volunteer placements, room rental, materials, speakers, readers and fee waivers for participants from working class and poor backgrounds). To help support working class and poor leadership, we ask those who are able to pay the higher end of the scale. Will you be able to pay $700-$2,000 (can be paid in installments)? (required)


Catalyst Project prioritizes developing working class leadership, and we have created the Carl Braden Scholarship for Working Class Activists that we can offer to a limited number of participants. This is about solidarity to build our movement with vibrant working class leadership, so let us know if you would need part or all of the workshop fee covered by the scholarship.


Look over the expectations for the program. What do you see as potential challenges for you? (In terms of health, work, family, accessibility needs, etc). Given the expectations of the program, are
there ways the organizers can help make this more accessible to you? Are there ways you do or can get support from friends, family and people in your community?


How did you hear about the Braden program?

Anything else you want us to know about you? (Personally, politically, etc).


Please select one:

I am paying my nonrefundable $20 application processing fee right now on the website (using the donate now button) using a credit or check card.I am sending my nonrefundable $20 application processing fee as a check/money order by Sept 1, 2014.

Thank you for your time and interest in Catalyst Project’s Anne Braden Program! We will be getting in touch with you about your application in October.