Support Black-led Organizing to Defund Police in the Bay Area

With the country in the midst of an uprising like we haven’t seen since the assassination of Dr. King, all of us need to take bold, powerful actions in support of Black leadership where we are. From the Black Panther Party to the founding conference of Critical Resistance, Black-led organizing in the Bay Area for abolition of police and prisons has inspired movements around the country and around the world. It is thanks to this organizing and Black leadership all across the US and internationally that we see moves towards defunding the police and investment in the health and well-being of Black communities.
We look to these histories and the current abolitionist organizing in the Bay Area for guidance and inspiration. Join us in throwing down for Black-led organizing against police violence in the Bay Area!

Black man with fist raised. Text reads F**k your curfew. 6/3/20 - 8:05 PM 14th & Broadway, Oakland
  • THIS AFTERNOON: 6/3 4pm at Mission High School (18th and Dolores) in San Francisco:  Join a youth led George Floyd Solidarity Protest & March from Mission High to the Mission Police Station
  • Participate in Oakland City Council meetings and demand that we Defund OPD and Invest in Community.The Oakland City Council is poised to quietly cut over $30M from essential services in the city budget. But while the police department has taken over more and more of the city budget in recent years, the Council is leaving their budget essentially untouched, while slashing millions from the departments of Human Services, Race & Equity, and Parks, Recreation & Youth. The Oakland budget needs to be finalized by June 30th. Now is the time to demand the city council defund the police.
  • Call Oakland Unified School District Board Members who have not stood for #policefreeschools. Minneapolis Public School Board just voted to terminate its contract with the Police Department. Similar resolutions are being drafted in school boards across the country. Throw down with Black Organizing Project’s campaign to get OUSD to follow this inspiring lead.
Photos of Marc Lamont Hill and Charlene Carruthers. Text reads: Celebrating Juneteenth! An Abolitionist Perspective on Movements for Black Liberation of the Past and Present

Join us in the streets, in the city council zoom meetings, in teaming up with powerful Black-led campaigns locally, and in donating to the groups that are offering leadership in this inspiring moment.