Security is Solidarity: Webinar August 6, 2020

What will you do if the FBI knocks on your door?  How will you support your community if Trump’s secret police snatch one of your friends?  How should you respond if you receive a grand jury summons?

In this moment, as the administration fights back against a powerful and effective uprising to defend Black Lives and defund the police, everyone who is involved in this movement must be asking these questions and figuring out collective answers to them. It is our responsibility to the powerful Black leadership of these movements to come correct in the face of brutal state repression.

Join Catalyst Project and the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild  for Security is Solidarity, a workshop on resisting state repression. This webinar will serve as an entry point for thinking about how we protect each other in this time of heightened state repression. 

As we see by the deployment of federal police to Portland, Chicago, Albuquerque, and a growing list of cities, the tools of repression that have always been used to target Black communities, Indigenous communities, Arab and Muslim communities, immigrant communities, Latinx communities, and those targeted by US imperialism around the globe are now being turned on protesters confronting this country’s history of racism.

The moves by the federal government have many roots, among them concerns about consolidating electoral power, but it is clearly a response to the strength of the uprising for Black lives and the power of the movement to defund police.  The backlash is expected, historically consistent, and unsurprising, and we have a wealth of movement history to look to and learn from so that we can continue to affirmatively fight for justice.

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This webinar is intended for multi-racial audiences and will have a multi-racial facilitation team, including attorneys from the National Lawyer’s Guild.  Please help us spread the word!