Report on 2010-2011 Catalyst Work

Check out our latest annual report for updates on Catalyst's work during 2010 and 2011. 

To our Friends, Families and Allies,

This has been a year of inspiration, challenges and profound changes generated by peoples' movements around the world. In this context, Catalyst Project continues to build up white communities' investment in racial and economic justice as a key element in transforming our societies, and we couldn’t do it without you!

This year, YOUR support helped make it possible for Catalyst to:

  • Facilitate anti-racism workshops, panels, and presentations in eight states attended by more than 1100 people
  • Run a third round of the Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizer Training Program for white social justice activists, in which 35 participants received 4.5 months of political education, worked over 2,500 volunteer hours in local racial and economic justice organizations and are now taking what they learned to organizations and networks around the country
  • Mobilize, orient, and train white activists in our networks to support the migrant-led resistance to Arizona's racist SB1070 law
  • Work intensively with Iraq Veterans Against the War and Civilian Soldier Alliance in developing Operation Recovery, the first G.I. Resistance campaign of our generation focused on base-building with active duty service members

Catalyst Project does anti-racist organizing, education, and movement-building on a small budget with minimal overhead and lots of volunteer labor. Your donation makes a huge difference in building and sustaining our work. Last year, 100% of our budget came from grassroots fundraising and fee-for-service work, and we want to extend a huge thank you to donors like you who made that happen. We need your support now more than ever and we encourage you to make a $25 monthly donation or a $100 one-time donation in support of Catalyst –by clicking the Donate Now button on the Home page of our website.

We invite you to read our Annual Report and share your thoughts or feedback with us. We are so grateful to our donors, volunteers and community members who make this work possible.

With Love & Hope,

Catalyst Project