Racism is War.

As the year closes, we wanted to share a few quotes from people CatalystProject has worked with at the intersections of racism and war.  We couldn’t have done this work without abundant support from our community. Thank you for every volunteer hour, every forwarded email, and every donation made. If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late to support with a gift to send us into 2016 fighting strong.

In our work organizing the Arab community towards justice and self-determination we consider Catalyst an organization we can turn to for consistent, and principled support to advance movement work in the Bay Area. Whether we are in partnership to develop campaigns, strategize and organize to achieve victories, or in moments where we are forced to respond rapidly to political developments, requiring trust, and a high level of commitment, we have deep appreciation for the contribution of our allies at Catalyst. – Lara Kiswani, Executive Director, Arab Resource and Organizing Center

“The Anne Braden program was an opportunity to think deeply about the history of white supremacy in our country and how it impacts my work in this important movement moment. I have been able to see Iraq Veterans Against the War’s work from new perspectives. I better understand how we can meet the needs of my community and how veterans can challenge US militarism at its roots.” – Matt Howard, 2015 Anne Braden Program Participant and Co-Director,Iraq Veterans Against the War

From the 20,000 people who took to the streets of Paris calling for a just solution to the climate crisis, to the hunger strikers in ICE detention fasting for recognition of their humanity, to the leaders of the Movement for Black Lives in Minneapolis holding fast in the face of racist terror, we can feel our movements’ growing strength. The coming year offers tremendous possibility in the struggle to dismantle white supremacy and build towards liberation dreams.  Thank you for joining us.

Donna Willmott,
On behalf of Catalyst Project

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