Our Best Reading Lists and Resources

…if the abolition of slave manacles
began as a vision of hands without manacles,
then this is the year…

           From “Imagine The Angels of Bread” by Martín Espada

Have you been waiting for a curated list of readings on racial justice, visions and organizing strategy, and heart-grabbing movement poetry? Have you ever wondered if there were worksheets out there to help you dig into topics like how to assess anti-racist practices in your organization, or how to understand your own class background?

Below is our reading and homework list for the 2018 Anne Braden Program, our four-month long anti-racist training program for white social justice activists. This reading list and homework have been developed over the last ten years with input from our brilliant multiracial constellation of mentors and movement elders. The reading list has everything from Black Liberation, to Indigenous resistance, to assessing our current political moment, to developing movement strategy. Dig in, friends.

Form study groups with friends, family, or fellow organizers. Do the homework with people you work with. Or read and do the homework on your own. However these resources best serve you, study up, and apply the lessons you learn to bold, badass work to change this world. We need it.

Dylan Cooke
On behalf of Catalyst Project

2018 Anne Braden Program Readings:

First Session Readings 
* Foundational understanding of White Supremacy
* Understanding Racial Capitalism
      * Enslavement of Africans
      * Colonization
      * Imperialism
      * Ableism
* Building a visionary Anti-racist Culture
* Grassroots fundraising as organizing
* Assessing our current political conditions
* Poetry

Second Session Readings 
* Black Liberation
* Patriarchy
* Climate Change
* Imperialism and Neoliberalism
* Class and classism
* Poetry

Third Session Readings 
* The world we want: anti-racist vision and organizing strategy
* Leadership development and personal transformation
* Resisting state repression
* Poetry


Indigenous Resistance and Colonization – Unlearn/relearn the history and current struggles of Indigenous people in the place you grew up and/or currently call home and to begin thinking about our place and role in these struggles of colonization and resistance.
Anti-Racist Organizational Analysis – Questions to help examine where your organization is centering racial justice in their work.
Family history –  Uncovering your family’s history to understand the ways you family have perpetuated, assimilated into, and resisted white supremacy.
Neoliberalism – Understand neoliberalism and its impacts by looking at changes in your hometown since the 1970’s.
Deconstructing Class – Understanding your own class background and how white supremacy and white privilege have impacted it.
Class Characteristics – A tool for identifying and understanding your class. It is meant to be done after completing the “deconstructing class” homework above.
Reflections On Classism – Questions to reflect on classism, how it might be showing up for you, in your relationships, and in our overall movement cultures.