On Abortion Bans and Reproductive Justice

Dear Catalyst Community,

In the last week Georgia’s governor signed a bill that would make performing an abortion illegal around 6 weeks of pregnancy and Alabama’s senate passed a near-total ban aimed at closing the last three clinics that provide abortions in the state. They were the latest of 12 different states’ 2019 attempts to try to force a reconsideration of Roe v. Wade with the conservative-majority Supreme Court. There is much to grieve and fight.

But the world we are building together cannot be taken from us. A world where all communities and families, given and chosen, get to create and sustain themselves according to their own visions.  Where every person makes decisions about their own bodies that are honored in the context of supportive loving community. Where everyone who wants to engage in joyful and fearless sexuality has what they need to do that. Where every community has abundant resources to care for children, and everyone lives with love, dignity, and power. 

Here’s a definition, herstory, and some demands for reproductive justice, a women-of-color led movement that has put forward this vision and making it a reality.

And here’s a list of some of the fearless organizations leading this work in Alabama and Georgia, which we hope you’ll financially support and take the time to learn from:

Let each attack on our communities be an opportunity to take action for the world we are building, and to invite more people into our visions to make that world with us.  What are the ways you are and can be doing this today?

With love, rage, and determination,
Isaac Lev
on behalf of Catalyst Project