No War on Iran!

January 4, 2020

Dear Friends, Today, people across the country and around the world are reaching for each other to talk about how we can prevent the Trump regime from launching full scale overt war against Iran. Yesterday, the Pentagon claimed responsibility for drone strikes in Baghdad, performing a targeted assassination of top Iranian official, Major-General Qassem Soleimani, […]

Leveraging Opportunities to Build Movement in 2020

December 27, 2019

“Catalyst gives me hope! At a time when I have almost no hope left regarding white people turning and facing the work of unlearning supremacy, Catalyst gives me hope. When white people enter spaces I am facilitating and haven’t learned their history, haven’t picked up their race work in this lifetime, don’t seem to know […]

What’s Catalyst up to in Ohio?

December 19, 2019

In 2008 in San Francisco, Catalyst Project launched the Anne Braden Program (ABP), a 4 month, intensive, transformative anti-racism program for white organizers and activists. Eleven years later, hundreds of ABP alumni across the US and Canada are in movement for racial justice and collective liberation. In late 2018, with the encouragement of movement partners, […]

Moving from Despair to Action and Hope

December 17, 2019

I joined the Catalyst collective in September, following two years as a volunteer on the Braden Leadership Team. In that time, I’ve watched the world around me enter into the scariest times I’ve lived through in my 67 years. I have also found myself building the tools I need to move from inaction and despair to […]

Bold, Accountable, Strategic

December 9, 2019

Dear Catalyst community,  This is a sobering time for anyone committed to justice. We’re witnessing the white supremacist authoritarian right gaining power, and we face a climate crisis that demands action on unprecedented levels. From Haiti to Hong Kong to Bolivia and Gaza, people are risking everything to demand freedom, justice, dignity, and a livable […]

Immigrant Justice Now! Curriculum

December 6, 2019

In 2017, shortly after the Trump administration first announced its plans to terminate DACA, Catalyst launched “Immigrant Justice Movements in the Time of Trump,” a curriculum to support non-immigrants, and especially white people, to take action in solidarity with immigrant communities. We were inspired to build this curriculum by growing popular outrage over Trump’s xenophobic […]

Toolkit: Indigenous Justice for Environmental Movements

December 3, 2019

We are releasing a brand new tool to support non-Indigenous sections of climate and environmental movements to align our work with Indigenous organizing and with Indigenous sovereignty. Find it here. Indigenous nations have always been hit first and worst by ecological crises around the world; they have long been at the frontlines of protecting the land. […]

Grief, Resilience, and Resistance in the Face of Climate Chaos

November 13, 2019

Over the past year or so, I’ve found it increasingly hard to ignore the realities of climate change. I don’t mean that I used to be a climate change denier; I’ve known it’s real since back in the 90’s when I knocked on doors for Greenpeace. What I mean is that it’s gotten harder to move through daily life as though we are not in the middle of an existential crisis, and it’s gotten harder to ignore the feelings of dread, grief, and doom.

Catalyst Welcomes David Imhoff And Ellen Brotsky Into Our Collective

September 30, 2019

Catalyst is thrilled to announce that our collective is now larger than it has ever been! We are bringing in two long-time organizers with deep roots in international solidarity. After having had the privilege of working with David and Ellen on the Braden Leadership Team, we are eager to bring them into the fold along […]

Catalyst in USA Today: “Deny White Nationalism Its Base”

August 12, 2019

Catalyst is reeling from the barrage of news last week: white nationalist fueled massacres targeting Latinx and Black people, a massive workplace immigration raid in Mississippi that rounded up 680 immigrant workers and left thousands of children without anyone to come home to after school, the unilateral US blockade of Venezuela, India’s expanding colonization of Kashmir, and the attempted assassination of […]