Celebrating Dylan Cooke’s Contributions to Catalyst

June 17, 2021

Dear community, After 8 years in the collective & over 4 years as one of our Co-Coordinators, Dylan Cooke will be leaving Catalyst Project in early July.  We are sad to see her go, but looking forward to the new ways she will be working for social justice! As an alum of the Braden program herself, Dylan […]

For a World Based on Justice, Fight for Abolition

April 24, 2021

“There is no ‘reforming’ this system—the time is now to divest from deadly policing and invest in a vision of public safety that protects us all.”  – Movement for Black Lives, 4/20/21 With millions of people here and around the world, we are holding George Floyd’s family and community in our hearts, and feeling some […]

Confronting Gendered Anti-Asian Violence

March 19, 2021

We mourn the loss of Delaina Ashley Yaun, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Soon Chung Park, Hyun Jung Grant, Paul Andre Michels, Suncha Kim, and Yong Ae Yue. Our hearts are with the families and communities of the eight people, six of whom were Asian and seven of whom were women, murdered in a shooting spree across […]

Join Day of Action Against the War in Yemen

January 21, 2021

“US imperialism is not new. It manifests differently from region to region. But we all as Americans have a role. Will we be proactive and do something about it? Or remain complicit, and turn a blind eye as if the US bombs that drop in Yemen have nothing to do with us?” – Jehan Hakim, […]

Understanding Escalating White Nationalist Violence

January 19, 2021

With Biden’s inauguration tomorrow and the threat of far right violence, we know the events of the past couple weeks are a lot to understand and make sense of. We are still making sense of them ourselves. That said, we believe there are some important interventions that we can make to strengthen movements for collective […]

Rethinking ‘Thanksgiving’ – join us!

November 25, 2020

Join the Indigenous Solidarity Network, Catalyst Project, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), and Resource Generation on Thursday for “Rethinking Thanksgiving: Taking Action for Indigenous Land Defense.” This event will take place on November 26, 2020 at 12pm Pacific / 3pm ET via Zoom for 1.5 hours.* Register here. We will screen the film “Invasion,” hear from special guest Molly […]

Resource Guide for Indigenous Solidarity Funding Projects

October 17, 2020

This guide offers lessons and guidelines to support non Native groups and people who seek to move resources to Indigenous Peoples through solidarity funding projects that directly support Indigenous sovereignty. Compiled by the Indigenous Solidarity Network and representatives from the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust/Shuumi Land Tax, Real Rent Duwamish, and the Manna-hatta Fund.

Take Action this Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

October 9, 2020

Indigenous Peoples Day has been reclaimed by Indigenous Peoples, who have denounced columbus day as a celebration of genocide and colonialism.  This year, join us in taking powerful action on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Monday, October 12th, which will mark the official launch of the #LANDBACK Campaign. On July 3rd, 2020, amidst uprisings to end police […]

Defend Our Movements: Build a Wall of Resistance

September 14, 2020

As someone who was an activist during the high tide of radical organizing in the 60s-70s, and witnessed the state’s unrelenting drive to destroy left movements, especially those led by Black, Indigenous and people of color, this week’s events sent chills down my spine. I witnessed the devastating effects of the surveillance and infiltration of […]

New TV Show from SURJ

August 21, 2020

Join us this Monday night (08/24) for the launch of “The Get Together” — a new online TV show from SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) where they’ll talk about race and racism today and what it has to do with white people’s struggle to keep food on the table and pay their bills! We couldn’t be […]