NATO Summit Meets Anti-militarist Resistance in Chicago!

We at Catalyst were so inspired by the mass actions of our allies at the NATO summit in Chicago May 18-20. Thousands of people packed the streets to call out their damage and demand a reversal of the increasing militarization of our world. Check out some of the coverage in the links below.

 Sunday's powerful joint action was co-led by Iraq Veterans Against the War and Afghans for Peace. Almost 50 veterans threw their medals back at the NATO generals and spoke out about their reasons, their transformations, their apologies, their hopes and commitments. Many of those veterans are organizers who Catalyst has worked closely with, and we are deeply proud of their courageous action.

Women leaders from Afghans for Peace co-led the march and the medal rejection ceremony. IVAW and Afghans for Peace are in the early stages of a reconciliation process, and at this action, thousands of anti-NATO demonstrators bore public witness to this partnership.

 The Grassroots Global Justice Alliance delegation also brought members from grassroots groups around the country rooted in low-income communities of color to the NATO countersummit, to build with Chicago racial and economic justice work and to lift up the resistance to militarism inside the U.S. by other communities who bear the brunt inside our borders. GGJ's work unites under a "No War, No Warming, an Economy that works for People!" banner, and came to demand that NATO stop draining money from local communities to destroy other peoples' lives overseas. A member offered this account.

Also check out this interview: Occupy, Neighborhood Organizing & National Convergences: Race & Class Struggles in Chicago & Beyond by Camilo Vivieros, a rad labor organizer pal of ours, with another pal James Tracy, co-author with Amy Sonnie of “Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times." Here, Camilo asks James to draw anti-racist organizing lessons for the anti-NATO summit from the last 40 years of multiracial working-class organizing in the heart of empire.