Migrant Justice Support

Dear Friends,

In this moment of assessment and recalibrating, we continue to look to the leadership of those who have been and will be most impacted by racist and violent attacks.

See below on how to join migrant justice organizations Movimiento Cosecha and National Day Laborer Organizing Network in their calls to action and organizing steps forward.

In solidarity,
Donna Willmott
on behalf of Catalyst Project


Movimiento Cosecha
Cosecha is a nonviolent movement working to win permanent protection, dignity and respect for the 11 million undocumented people in this country.  This December, Cosecha is taking it to the next level with escalated #SanctuaryCampus actions, mass trainings across the country, and #SalsaShutDowns filled with hopeful resistance!

1. Join #SanctuaryCampus Escalations

2. Sign up as a CosechAlly

3. Bring the #SalsaShutdown to your city

4. Join a training near you

5. Donate to Cosecha


National Day Laborer Organizing Network
NDLON aspires to live in a world of diverse communities where day laborers live with full rights and responsibilities in an environment of mutual respect, peace, harmony and justice.

  1. Popular Assembly Toolkit: Has your community hosted a Popular Assembly to plug-in new activists and build local committees? Check out the new Popular Assembly Toolkit for some helpful guidance on local organizing.
  2. Mapping the Rise of Hate Crimes: There has been a spike in hate crimes since the election. Use the map on the front page of AltoTrump.com to submit and track incidents of hate (please help spread the word and share it too).
  3. Demand Sanctuary Now: What can local and state officials to do ensure that local resources are not being utilized to advance a Trump deportation force? A national call happened yesterday. For more info, email Salvador G. Sarmiento at sgsarmiento@ndlon.org.
  4. Volunteers! Get involved: What can I do locally to support immigrant workers? Sign-up to volunteer locally!
  5. Organizations! Take a position: It’s crucial that our organizations are fighting efforts to normalize what is happening in Washington, DC and taking a strong position against Trump’s agenda. Has your organization endorsed the Alto Trump campaign?
  6. Donate to NDLON

#AltoTrump :: Host an assembly. Organize a neighborhood committee. Help us track hate crimes.  We have 57 days to build the national resistance and send a message. AltoTrump.com