Honor the mothers and caregivers in your life by donating to #FreeBlackMamas

Cartoon drawing of Black woman on a patterned background. Text reads: "#FREEBLACKMAMA" below logo for National Bail Out "Black Mama's Bail Out"

Dear Catalyst Community,
As many of us are preparing to show love to our mothers this Sunday, often in socially distant ways, we invite you to take this opportunity to also show love to Black mothers and caregivers who are unable to be with their families this Mother’s Day because they have a price on their freedom, even in this pandemic.
We hear reports of COVID-19 spreading like wildfire through jails and prisons and detention centers. It’s urgent to get as many people as possible out of harm’s way during this crisis; that’s why Catalyst is supporting the Black Mama’s Bail Out efforts of National Bail Out, to reunite Black mothers and caregivers with their families instead of being exposed to possible illness and even death. 
Donate Here to help bail out Black mamas on Mother’s Day!
(After you donate at the link above, please help us track our donations by letting us know how much you donated here.) 
We are committed to raising $100,000 for this effort, and through the fundraising of many Braden alum and their friends we have raised over $92,000! We are reaching out to people in our circles who don’t need their stimulus check to give all or part of that check to #FreeBlackMamas, to dig deep to say no to the criminalization of Black people and the further loss of Black life. (Help us raise $100,000+ to #FreeBlackMamas by joining our text-bank on Wednesday!
To hear from Black mamas  who’ve been bailed out by the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, watch these videos of Luz and Ms. Veronica.  
Instead of giving your money to Amazon or Whole Foods, will you honor the mothers and caregivers in your life by donating today to #FreeBlackMamas?

You can email this image to the people your donation honors

Free ‘em all!

Ellen Brotsky,
On behalf of Catalyst Project