Celebrating David Imhoff’s Contributions to Catalyst

Dear community,

After 3 years with Catalyst Project, collective member David Imhoff is leaving Catalyst to start law school. We are sad to see them go but excited about this next step as well as the contributions they’ll make as a movement lawyer!

David, also known as David David to friends and comrades, joined Catalyst in 2019, after participating in the 2018 Anne Braden Program and coordinating the grassroots fundraising component of the program the following year. With their steadfast commitment to international solidarity, anti-imperialism and immigrant justice, David helped relaunch our Immigrant Justice Curriculum, build 20 Days of Education and Resources for 20 Years of the Global War on Terror and strengthen language justice in our public panels. In 2021, David’s steady and skillful facilitation, inspiring leadership development, and unflappable adaptability greatly contributed to the success of our first online (and largest yet) Anne Braden Program.

We are so thankful for their impact on our curriculum, culture, organizational relationships, and public programming. Whether coaching rural organizers, supporting organizers’ principled struggle with each other, or facilitating connections between movement leaders, David embodies their commitment to relationship-building. We are excited to stay in relationship with them for years to come!

David Imhoff smiles into the camera. Dark, curly, medium length hair. Glasses. Hands pressed together. Navy blue shirt. Trees in background. Rainbow poundcake in foreground with 4 green lit candles.

Here are some words from David:

As I transition out of my role as a member of the Catalyst collective, I am filled with so much gratitude and love for this small but mighty organization I’ve called home for the last three years. Organizing with Catalyst has been an honor and a joy. In some of the hardest moments of these last few years, it has buoyed my spirits, helped me feel rooted in a long lineage of anti-racist struggle, and challenged me to bring more of myself to movements for liberation. In these times of accelerating climate crisis, ascendant fascism, and deepening racial, social, and economic injustice, I am heartened by the work that Catalyst does to build principled, accountable white anti-racist leadership in our movements. I feel so lucky to have been brought into relationship through Catalyst with so many incredible organizers fighting white supremacy in their communities and organizations. As I prepare for my next chapter, I know I’ll continue to look to Catalyst and the Braden alumni network for grounding, vision, and friendship.