Celebrate Isaac Lev as He Leaves Catalyst

Dear Catalyst community,

After 5 amazing years, Isaac Lev is leaving his Catalyst Project Co-Coordinator role. We are sad to see him go, but looking forward to the new ways he will be working for social justice.

For the last half decade, Isaac has been instrumental in leading Catalyst Project. As an alum of the Braden program, Isaac came onto staff and helped run five Anne Braden Anti-racist Training Programs, including piloting our first Braden program outside the Bay Area in Philadelphia. He also helped revamp the Braden program to make it more accessible to poor and working class organizers, and co-authored our pamphlet on best practices to resist state repression, A Troublemaker’s Guide. Isaac developed many racial justice tools, curricula, and reading lists, and supported dozens of actions, rallies, and marches, including training hundreds of people over the years in movement security and anti-racism. Isaac has mentored new activists and supported seasoned organizers to bring their best to the struggle for transformative change all over the US and Canada. Isaac consistently brought sharp insights, justice-loving queer fabulousity, compelling visions for liberation, and contagious sense of humor to Catalyst Project and we are the better for it!

We’ll continue to work together in many ways in the future, and we’re excited to see Isaac’s next moves for racial justice. Also, stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming next month about new people joining Catalyst Project!

Some words from Isaac: I’m deeply grateful for my time with Catalyst.  It’s been an incredible experience to work with an organization that is so visionary, principled and dynamic.  I’ve learned so much about how to bring the best of myself to movements for liberation, and how to support others to do the same. This political moment requires so much of us — strategy and deep reflection, humility and experimentation, and a dedication to transformative organizing that reflects our responsibilities to ourselves, each other, the earth, and the next generations. It’s been an honor to be a part of an organization that takes all of those requirements so seriously, and knows how to laugh in between. I can’t wait to figure out what the next phases of collaborating with Catalyst will look like. 

If you’re in the Bay Area, please join Catalyst Project as we celebrate Isaac’s leadership!

Save the Date: Tuesday June 25th for a party to celebrate Isaac
Venue details to come in a future email.

Hope to see you June 25th,
-Clare, Donna, Dylan, Lee, Molly, Rahula, Rochelle, and Will (Catalyst Collective)

Catalyst Collective with the 2018 Anne Braden Cohort