Building the Movement We Need

Image: picture of a map of North America, green land on blue background, dropped pins showing locations of Anne Braden Program alumni, covering much of map. Text reads: "With your support, Catalyst will have trained up over 500 white anti-racist organizers with our transformational, intensive Anne Braden Program by the end of 2023

Catalyst Project works to develop the leaders our movements need to beat back white nationalism and advance struggles for racial and economic justice. This year 60 organizers from across the US and Canada participated in our Anne Braden Anti-Racist Training Program, an intensive 4 month leadership development program that fosters long haul commitment to transformative change.

On this Giving Tuesday, can you give generously to support the leadership development of the next generation of white antiracist organizers?

We are building the movement we need: one that is feminist, antiracist and strategic. Since 2008, we have trained nearly 500 leaders who hold key leadership roles across the movement and across the country. Prioritizing the leadership of poor and working class people, our programs help to build white antiracist leaders who model “high impact and low ego,” working to build power for working class communities and communities of color.

“Catalyst Project taught many organizers in the Vote No movement in Kansas. We learned invaluable lessons about the importance of centering BIPOC organizations in the movement for reproductive justice. The Anne Braden program taught us how to build better multiracial coalitions, which was essential in this win to protect abortion access in Kansas. I hope more folks in the Midwest and South can access this knowledge to dismantle our oppressive systems.”

Val, Kansas

Our alumni provided leadership in key struggles to maintain abortion access in Kansas and Kentucky; they have fought against climate destruction, for Indigenous sovereignty and worked to challenge war and militarism here and abroad.

In 2023, we are excited to offer in-person trainings (with strict COVID protocols) again, and are planning to run an Anne Braden Program in the South or Midwest, where this work is under-resourced. The program will run in partnership with Braden alumni living in the community and in relationship with local organizations led by Black, Indigenous and people of color. 

We’re in this for the long haul. Our work provides a much-needed space for white movement organizers to better understand racial capitalism, be fortified and transformed through relationships, and increase the strategic impact of their actions. We know the stakes are high, and we’re committed to strengthening a network of dedicated organizers who are part of a broad, cross-sector multiracial movement that can win.

This bold dream to grow the Anne Braden program is not possible without your support. Can you donate now to make this a reality?

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