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Dear Catalyst community, 

This is a sobering time for anyone committed to justice. We’re witnessing the white supremacist authoritarian right gaining power, and we face a climate crisis that demands action on unprecedented levels. From Haiti to Hong Kong to Bolivia and Gaza, people are risking everything to demand freedom, justice, dignity, and a livable planet.

Along with so many others, Catalyst has been committed to stepping fully into this political moment. Will you donate now to help us carry this work forward into 2020?

With the support of our community, we were able to expand our work in 2019, and we want to share with you some highlights:

  • Ran double Anne Braden Programs that trained 60 anti-racist organizers from across the US and Canada to center racial, economic, and gender justice in their social change work. Participants raised over $110,000 for people of color-led organizing projects
  • Currently running Ohio Anne Braden Program for 22 anti-racist leaders who are building Ohio’s grassroots organizing power
  • Supported immigrant justice organizing to Close The Concentration Camps, including the inspiring Jewish-led actions under the banner Never Again Is Now, and updating and re-releasing our nationally-used Immigrant Justice Curriculum
  • Training mass-based environmental and climate organizations to align their work with racial justice: 350.orgExtinction RebellionSunrise Movement, and Break Free From Plastic US
  • Developed a tool in collaboration with Indigenous leaders to support environmental organizers to align their work with Indigenous organizing Find it here 
  • Supported Indigenous organizing including Protect Mauna Kea, a sacred site in Hawai’i and promoted various Indigenous solidarity funding projects
  • Continued organizing against state repression and organized white supremacists and fascists
  • Participated in the hugely successful campaign that ended Urban Shield, the annual international militarized police training held in California
  • Took part in an action disrupting the national gathering of Christians United for Israel, a fast-growing Christian Zionist organization that supports Israel’s injustices against Palestinians. The action exposed the growing connection between white nationalism and Zionism.
  • Hosted public events with movement leaders speaking on: Visionary Organizing StrategiesBlack Liberation Organizing; and Indigenous Sovereignty Organizing, with 500 in-person attendees and 3,000 online viewers.

The Braden program sharpened my political analysis and schooled me on powerful strategy and analysis that has come from decades (well, centuries) of liberation movements and resistance led by people of color.  I gained practical and visionary tools to organize against white supremacy and racism in my communities. And, I gained a lot of hope: for the first time, I became part of a group of white people who are really willing to sacrifice to do anti-racism work and build movements for our collective future. 

– Siena Mann, Braden 2019 participant

We’re committed to building up visionary white anti-racist leaders like Siena who are in it for the long haul, leaders whose work is deeply linked to the strategies of people of color.

Will you give $25, $100, or $250 or make another meaningful contribution to help us strengthen social justice work by building bold, strategic, and accountable anti-racist leaders?

Towards the world we know is possible,

Donna Willmott
For Catalyst Project

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