Bay Area ICE Raids

Image by Melanie Cervantes

The Trump administration has promised ICE raids in the Bay Area in the near future. While we can’t be sure they will happen, immigrant justice organizations and their allies are preparing rapid response systems to defend immigrant communities if they do. Below are some immediate steps you can take to get plugged in to rapid response.

As ICE has been targeting immigrant community leaders around the country, we’ve also included information about campaigns to free them and steps you can take to support.

Bay Area Rapid Response:

  1. Sign up for Bay Resistance’s emergency action alert by texting RESIST to 41411
  2. RSVP that you’re going to this facebook event which will be updated with action plans if raids are imminent or occurring
  3. Check out this California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance resource “5 Ways to Fight ICE raids with Power, not Panic“. As they write here “Rumors about deportation raids can spread quickly online, and that only compounds the panic, depression and marginalization that many immigrant communities already suffer” So verify information you didn’t personally see before you post or alert anyone.
  4. Share these hotline numbers to report any verified ICE activity you see, and save the ones for the counties you go to regularly in your phone.
    • San Francisco: (415) 200-1548
    • Alameda County: (510) 241-4011 (also taking Contra Costa calls for now)
    • San Mateo (+ SF, Oakland, Berkeley): (203) 666-4472
    • Santa Clara County: (408) 290-1144
    • Marin County: (415) 991-4545
    • North Bay (Sonoma, Solano): (707) 800-4544
    • Sacramento: (916) 245-6773
    • Santa Cruz County: (831) 239-4289
    • Monterey County: (831) 643-5255
    • Fresno: (559) 206-0151
  5. If you are part of an organization or a group that is mostly non-immigrant, consider using our immigrant justice training for non-immigrants to help deepen people’s understanding of and commitment to what we’re fighting for.
  6. Support immigrant-led community groups and organizations in your area. You can offer to do childcare, bring food, volunteer for whatever needs doing, because folks are stressed out right now, and because this is concrete solidarity & relationship building.

ICE has also been deliberately targeting immigrant community activists who are fighting for immigrant justice reform.  This type of political repression is meant to immediately disrupt organizations and movements by taking leadership away, and also to discourage any undocumented people from speaking up for fear of deportation.  As we wrote in our resisting state repression pamphlet, guaranteeing strong support and defense for people who are politically persecuted is crucial to making sure that others will continue to speak and act boldly.  Here are some of the community leaders who have been targeted and some ways you can support them:

  • Maru Mora-Villalpando, who leads Northwest Detention Center Resistance (NWDCR) in Washington state, an organization that was co-founded when immigrants held at the Northwest Detention Center began a series of hunger strikes in 2014 protesting their inhumane treatment. Sign the petition for her release and learn more here.
  • Ravi Ragbir and Jean Montrevil, longtime leaders in the New Sanctuary Coalition in New York City. Here are action steps you can take to support Ravi.  As of this writing, Jean has been deported to Haiti. You can hear from him here.
  • Eliseo Jurado, the husband of Colorado sanctuary leader Ingrid Encalada, who is currently taking sanctuary in a Colorado, is in deportation proceedings.

The administration is targeting sanctuary cities for raids, and movement leaders for deportations, to try to stifle the growing and beautiful migrant justice movement. Let’s make sure it backfires. If they come for the Bay, we’ll see you in the streets.

With love and rage,
Dylan Cooke
On behalf of the Catalyst Collective