NCOR 2007

NCOR CrewBuilding Grassroots Power

The Catalyst Delegation and Program at the National Conference on Organized Resistance

March 9-11th 2007

With over a thousand activists from around the country, Catalyst led three sessions at this years National Conference on Organized Resistance.  NCOR, which was founded by Catalyst advisor Nisha Anand, celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary.  NCOR is a key location for anarchist and anti-authoritarian left activists and organizers to participate in workshops, panels and discussions on a wide range of issues and themes.   

Our “Building Grassroots Power” program brought together organizers working on two key struggles in the country – the struggle for New Orleans and the struggle to end the war in Iraq.  With organizers with INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, Iraq Vets Against the War, Critical Resistance and Catalyst Project we put together two powerful panels.  Both were features on Rustbelt Radio, the Independent Media Center radio station in Pittsburgh.  

The Struggle for New Orleans

Lessons from Women Organizers on the Front Lines

on Rustbelt Radio April 30th, 2007


We Can End the War in Iraq

Strategy for the Anti-War Movement

on Rustbelt Radio on March 19th, 2007

Both of the panels were transcribed and edited into Activist Forums for the upcoming issue of Left Turn magazine.  In addition to these sessions, Catalyst led our “Anti-Racism for Collective Liberation” workshop and participated on a “10 Years of NCOR” panel.