Anti-War/Global Justice Program Update

Time for Rebirth: The U.S. Antiwar movement is Grieving, Dreaming, Growing

By Sarah Lazare and Clare Bayard


Think back seven years ago to this day. Where were you on March 19th, 2003, when the invasion began? Did you see “Shock and Awe” footage of the orange explosions in the clear Baghdad sky, piped in grainy TV shows, lit at night with the green glow of CNN cameras? Did you read the tickertapes under these images of neighborhoods lit on fire? Over those next days, did you, like many of us, collapse in overwhelmed grief and rage, frantic at not knowing how we could stop our government's onslaught?

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Anti-War/Global Justice Program Update

In the Fall of 2009, Catalyst Project worked on and participated in the Dialogues Against Militarism Delegation to Palestine/Israel of
U.S. military veterans, conscientious objectors and war resisters,
social justice activists and community organizers from the San
Francisco Bay Area.