ANNOUNCING: 2023 FLORIDA Anne Braden Program

Catalyst Project is thrilled to announce that we are running the 2023 Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizing Program for people organizing in Florida! The application is live!

After consultation with many organizers and organizations based in Florida, we are incredibly excited to bring the Anne Braden Program to Florida. Organizers are powerfully working to confront racist attacks on education and Black political power as well as attacks on queer and trans communities, immigrants, abortion rights and more. Florida faces acute climate impacts and is a key site for climate justice struggles. Florida politicians are fighting culture wars as a way to divide and distract Floridians while these same politicians take money from corporations which are raising prices, keeping wages low, making it harder for working class people to survive and thrive. Florida has a rich history of Black and Indigenous resistance to colonization and enslavement that has been carried forward by generations of Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities.

Through past Anne Braden Programs, Catalyst has cultivated the relationships with local organizers that allow us to make the Florida Anne Braden Program a collaboration that is firmly rooted in the work of local organizers. We are excited to learn from this work as we lend our political education and leadership development work with white organizers to help further build the power of multi-racial movements in Florida.

“The Anne Braden Program has been integral to my development as a white anti-racist leader in our movement. The program deepened my political analysis, sharpened my skills, instilled in me confidence as a working class queer femme organizer in the south, and helped me get clear on my own stake in the fight for collective liberation. I carry this all into how I develop leaders and organizers every day. That’s why I’m so excited to be bringing the Anne Braden Program to Florida!”

-Chris Furino, 2019 Anne Braden Program Alum

We are excited to be part of building long-haul antiracist leadership in Florida to challenge white supremacy and build the future we all need!

Please share the application with organizers you know in Florida to help us build the most powerful cohort we can!

(Find more information about the Anne Braden Program here).