Completion of the 5th Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizing Training Program

We are excited to announce the completion of the 2015 Anne Braden Anti-Racist Training Program!

In this post you’ll find videos from the Visionary Politics panel and the Anti-Racist Strategies panel (both with transcripts); a list of guest speakers and workshop leaders and a list of Bay Area organizations where participants volunteered 1,800 hours of labor.

Videos, Transcripts & Photos from Panels

Photos from Anti-Racist Organizing Strategies Panel

Video and transcript from Anti-Racist Organizing Strategies Panel

Photos from Another World is Possible: Visionary Politics Panel

Photos from Indigenous Resilience and Resistance to Colonization Panel

Volunteer Placement Sites

25 Anne Braden Participants volunteered approximately 1,800 hours of labor to these organizations:

All of US or None

Arab Resource and Organizing Center

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Black Organizing Project

California Coalition for Women Prisoners

Causa Justa :: Just Cause / POWER

Coleman Advocates for Youth

Chinese Progressive Association

Critical Resistance

Day Labor Program / Women’s Collective

Movement Generation

Sins Invalid

Young Workers United

Speakers & guest presenters for the program:

Linda Evans, All of Us or None

Vijay Prashad, author of Arab Spring, Libyan Winter, the Darker Nations, and many other books & articles

Max Elbaum, War Times Editor, author of Revolution in the Air

Wahleah Johns, former ED of Black Mesa Water Coalition

Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu

Loa Niumeitolu, Oyate Tupu’anga

Corrina Gould, Indian People Organizing for Change, American Indian Child Resource Center’s Office of Indian Education, sacred site protector

Rabab Abdulhadi, Union of Palestinian Women’s Associations in North America, the Palestine Solidarity Committee, the California Scholars for Academic Freedom and the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Robbie Clark, Causa Justa/Just Cause and BlackOut Collective

Wazi Davis & Brianna Gibson, Black.Seed

Lara Kiswani & Reem Assil, Arab Resource and Organizing Center

Gopal Dayaneni, Movement Generation

Stephanie Roth, Klein & Roth (grassroots fundraising) Consulting

Patty Berne, Sins Invalid:  Video ;  Transcript

Carla Maria Pérez, Movement Generation:  Video  ; Transcript

Kamau Walton, Critical Resistance:  Video ; Transcript

Jaron Brown, People Organized to Win Employment Rights

Dolores Canales, California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement:

Cynthia Muñoz Ramos, Causa Justa/Just Cause

Maisha Quint, East Side Arts Alliance