Ohio 2019 Anne Braden Session Two Readings

Below you will find:

  • Required readings
  • Readings for the Zionism webinar (for everyone) and the Challenging Male Supremacy (for people with male privilege)
  • Readings for the case studies on imperialism for each magical creature group
  • Recommended readings

We are assigning some readings that were difficult for us to read. And we’re going to talk about some theories that are difficult to grasp. It’s totally normal to struggle to read theoretical pieces that weren’t written for mass consumption. But we think it’s worth it, because how we understand what we’re up against impacts what we think the solutions are, and how we need to organize to get there.  In order to do that we need to know the history that we’ve been denied through traditional school systems.

If you’re struggling with reading, reach out to others in the group to read together, or get help on terms you’re struggling with. We’ve also created this glossary to support with key terms. All audio and video that didn’t have accompanying transcripts or accurate closed captioning is transcribed, with links here

A note on the readings: Readings are provided free for use by participants studying in the Anne Braden Training Program for Anti-Racist Organizers, a noncommercial, nonprofit educational program. We encourage everyone to honor the emotional and intellectual labor of these authors by buying the works from which excerpts have been taken where possible. This is especially important as we all have white skin privilege and many of these authors are folks of color. When sharing any of these readings with your comrades, please also pass on this message.

All of these categories overlap, and many of these readings are deeply intersectional. We offered these categories to help you all pull out themes, but take them with a grain of salt and look for interconnections.


Required Readings

Anti-Black Racism and Black Liberation

  • Movement for Black Lives, Reparations Toolkit: Read  p8-16, 19-29, 32-40, 88-94. (36 pgs, entire toolkit is recommended.)
  • I am Not Your Negro (strongly recommend whole movie, last 30 mins required) 
    • To access go to amazon.com, login: dylcooke@gmail.com, password: JamesBaldwinIsGod, find movie on prime movies by searching. If you get a request for a code to login to amazon, clear your cookies on your browser and log in again. Here’s how to do that on chrome, firefox, and safari. Email dylan@collectiveliberation.org if this is confusing.
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, “Double Standard of Justice,” From #BLACKLIVESMATTER to Black Liberation. Excerpt starts at “Postwar Policing.” (18 pgs)
  • Charles Payne, “Slow and Respectful Work: Organizers and Organizing,” I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle. (29 pgs)

Patriarchy and Women of Color Feminisms

Role of white women in white supremacy

Imperialism & Neoliberalism

Class & Classism


Total pages – 229

Total Audio – 186 mins 3 hrs and 6 mins

Challenging Male Supremacy Homework:

This is for the required challenging male supremacy workshop for cisgender men. If you have questions about whether or not you should participate, contact elisabeth@collectiveliberation.org

Zionism webinar readings (20 pgs total):

  • Nadine Naber, Eman Desouky, and Lina Baroudi, “The Forgotten ‘ism’,” Color of Violence: the INCITE! Anthology. (16 pgs)
  • “Colonialism and Apartheid,” BDS movement, please read the following short sections, which are listed on the left side of the webpage (4 pgs): Summary, Brief Background, The Origins of Israel: Zionism and Settler Colonialism, Nakba

Assignments for imperialism small groups:

Dragons – Puerto Rico


Faeries – Haiti


Centaurs – Honduras


Merpeople – Iran


Unicorns – Palestine


Recommended Readings & Video By Subject

Anti-Black Racism and Black Liberation

Imperialism and Neoliberalism

Patriarchy, Feminism & Queer & Trans Liberation


Indigenous Resistance and the Colonization of North America