Against Patriarchy Men’s Groups: Spring of 2002-Winter of 2005

Catalyst Project members played major roles in two Men Against Patriarchy groups in the Bay Area.

In the Spring of 2002 two groups of men working against sexism started up in the Bay Area, each had members of Catalyst in them.  One group began in response to an intervention made by women challenging sexism in the activist community and the other started on the initiative of men looking to other men or support on feminist practice.  Both groups were made up of men working in social justice organizations.  The goals of both groups were to support men working against patriarchy in society and understand how sexism plays out in social justice movements and communities and play roles in the broader movement to advance feminist politics.      

Both groups focused on building trust and sharing stories about male violence and intimidation the members experienced in and participated in.  The groups went in depth on issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault in activist communities, intimate violence in society and in the lives and relationships of the men involved.  One of the groups ended after a year and the other, which was called Against Patriarchy went on for four years (it was this group that all of the men in Catalyst were members of)

Catalyst members played leadership roles in the Against Patriarchy group and women and genderqueer (non-Male identified) members of Catalyst provided guidance and support to the group.  Catalyst advisor Paul Kivel worked with the Against Patriarchy group and Catalyst advisors Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Elizabeth 'Betita' Martinez provided guidance.  

Members of these two groups came from a range of organizations including: the Ruckus Society, AK Press, Heads Up Collective, Greenpeace, Smartmeme Strategy Project, and JustAct: Youth Action for Global Justice.