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Building the Movement We Need

November 29, 2022

Image: picture of a map of North America, green land on blue background, dropped pins showing locations of Anne Braden Program alumni, covering much of map. Text reads: "With your support, Catalyst will have trained up over 500 white anti-racist organizers with our transformational, intensive Anne Braden Program by the end of 2023

Catalyst Project works to develop the leaders our movements need to beat back white nationalism and advance struggles for racial and economic justice. This year 60 organizers from across the US and Canada participated in our Anne Braden Anti-Racist Training …

Grounding and Wisdom from Mab Segrest

October 21, 2022

Against a backdrop of devastating climate chaosfascist victories, and war mongering across the globe, the far right in the United states continues to push their dystopian vision of a world without civil and human rights, where capitalism …

Support the People of Puerto Rico

September 20, 2022

Image from a 1973 poster. Shape of the Puerto Rican flag, red and white horizontal stripes, a blue triangle with a white star--there are silhouettes of protesters in red (above) and blue (below) blending into the flag

On the 5th anniversary of Hurricane María, the people of Puerto Rico are again reeling from another climate catastrophe and need our solidarity and support. For decades, the Puerto Rican struggle has been a source of inspiration for me …