7 Resources: Role of Poor and Working Class White People and the Election

Dear Friend,

This electoral season continues to illuminate the power of race, racism, and xenophobia to divide people and to empower the ruling class.

Trump won the Republican party nomination using openly racist, classist and sexist campaign rhetoric.  Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign has highlighted the country’s profound structural economic inequalities.  As a result, there has been an increased interest in the social, economic, and political roles of white working class and poor white people.

Never before has a national election showed me a picture of myself and my community of origin so clearly.  From my favorite home state politician hitting the national stage and shifting the boundaries of what discussions are possible, to the increased scrutiny of the political role played by poor and working class white people, this is an electrifying (if somewhat terrifying) moment.

Although this article by Nate Silver, “The Mythology Of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support” has disproved the widely accepted idea that Trump’s base is poor white people, at Catalyst Project we have nonetheless welcomed the flurry of new writings looking at the roles and realities of the white poor and the white working class.  We have found the following articles to be thoughtful, useful, insightful, and provocative on this topic.

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In Love and Struggle,
Rahula Janowski
on behalf of Catalyst Project